Recruit a foreign potential? 

>> Xine provides high level service and takes all worries from your HR hands. 

We assist your expat from A to Z: administrative, legal and practical, for instance with relocation and settling in. During the entire process Xine s the single point of contact for your expat and the accompanying family. Our aim? Carefree integration and personal assistance, so your new employee immediately feels welcome in your company and his new surroundings.

>> Xine stands for individual expat assistance. A good preparation is the key to a successful experience as expat: 

1 | Immigration assistance 

When recruiting a foreign employee, each enterprise is confronted with the strict immigration legislation. We advise your HR department and your expat on the applicable procedure that must be followed. We assist you with the application or renewal of a single permit, work permit, visa application, residence permit, registration with the commune, … We go through the entire checklist for expats and make sure that all documents are perfectly in order for international employment. For more information: click here >> 

2 | Area orientation 

Xine provides personal assistance for every expat, starting with an introduction via a call. This gives us a clearer picture of the wishes and interests of the expat and their family. Do they want to live in a city or do they prefer a rural setting? What schools are available? In the search for a suited area we take personal preferences into account.

3 | Home search

A pleasant stay starts with a house where your expat will feel at home. Depending on the wishes and preferences we provide temporary accommodation or look for a rented house. We roll up our sleeves and contact real estate agencies, arrange home visits, a moving company, connection to utility networks, furniture, etc…

4 | Settling in

Persons who come to live and work in Belgium as expats, can count on a lot of red tape. Xine is not deterred by this, on the contrary. Open a bank account or take out insurance? We will guide your foreign employee through the small print with much expertise. 

5 | Partner assistance

Your expat’s happiness is linked to that of his or her accompanying partner and children. Xine is aware of this and is committed to the entire family, so the integration process will go smoothly and positively. We arrange the city visit, go look for clubs and associations or answer specific questions and wishes. 

Does your expat partner need assistance in the search for a new job? For this, we work together with Talent Interlock. They specialise in assisting international talent with customised training and integration programmes to prepare them for the Belgian professional market. 

6 | Schooling assistance

Are the children of your expat moving to Belgium with him or her? Then we will look for a suitable (international) school and child care nearby together. Are certain language courses required for the children? Xine has tips and advice so your expat children will immediately feel welcome in their new surroundings. 

>> Xine is your relocation bureau that focuses specifically on expats who move to Belgium. We support your HR service with one of the above services or the whole package.

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