The start of thorough expertise…

Elke Vandormael has studied all aspects of Human Resources legislation for almost 20 years. She started her career as a lawyer at a renowned office where she gave fiscal and legal advice to HR managers of international companies. After 10 years she decided to start working as a company lawyer at a research centre in Louvain where she helped shape the HR policy with a focus on HR Legal aspects.

The start of her own enterprise…

With a strong vision of the employment of expats in combination with her expertise in international employment, Elke made the move toward her own business. Xine supports HR teams with legal advice, in particular relating to the employment of foreign employees. Her area of expertise? Advise and assist entrepreneurs and HR teams as a freelance company lawyer in everything associated with international employment.

The start of reliable collaborations…

A collaboration with Xine is based on mutual trust and a personal approach tailored to your enterprise. For this reason, Elke will gladly meet you to get to know your company. The same goes for your expats and international employees. Elke always provides individual assistance, with an eye for all needs of your HR department. 

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